Rogers Marketing Group for shopping centers - marketing campaigns, special events, contests, promotions

The Rogers Marketing Services Advantage


Rogers Marketing Services is a boutique agency that works like the big agencies – only at a fraction of the usual expense. Run by Patricia Rogers, who is known for her excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of shopping center marketing, Rogers Marketing Services is the company to call when you want the job done right.


Put Rogers Marketing Services on your team to get:


  • Shopping Center Expertise – Bring in an expert who is focused exclusively on effective, results-oriented marketing for shopping centers. Count on us to think through whether a given idea will actually lead to increased sales – or just a bunch of people partying in your parking lot winning prizes and drinking free wine.


  • 30 Years’ of Experience – Take advantage of our extensive record of shopping center marketing success. From radio, TV and special events to contests, promos, direct mail, print ads, social media and much more, Patricia Rogers has done it all…both as a freelancer and as an Account Executive at a full-service ad agency.


  • Unbiased Advice – Avoid a common ad agency problem: recommendations based on making use of the skill sets of the agency’s fulltime staff. The “we have a social media expert so you need a social media” syndrome. Maybe social media should be playing a big role in your overall strategy…and maybe it should not. Because we don’t have a full-time team, Rogers Marketing Services is able to recommend the best possible ideas and tactics for your specific needs, then partner with the appropriate skilled experts to make it happen.


  • Broad Resource Network – Put our wide-ranging network of resources to work for you. Plus, when we don’t already have a relationship with the perfect resource for your need, rest assured that we are extremely good at finding and vetting the ideal resources for you.


  • A La Carte Pricing – Pay only for what you need. No monthly retainer fees, and none of the extra costs (insurance, taxes, overhead, etc.) that having someone on staff entails. In addition, because we only bring in resources on an as-needed basis, our own overhead is extremely low. Which means very affordable rates for you!





To discuss creative ways to connect people to your shopping center, call Rogers Marketing Services today at 714-848-6162.